Posted by: lucylightning | April 27, 2012

The People Speak Screening at the Hollywood Theater

by Lucy Leitner

Back in town to produce Promised Land, Chris Moore is making the rounds in the glorious Steel City. Reprising his role as entertaining (and rather blunt and goofy) Q&A personality most recently seen in the Steeltown Film Factory’s Producer’s Pitch, Moore will appear at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont on Monday night for a screening of his powerful documentary The People Speak.

the people speak screening pittsburghThe film seeks to capture the message of the late historian Howard Zinn’s books A People’s History of the United States and later companion Voices of a People’s History of the United States, which are exactly what they sound like: the history of the United States from the perspective of its people. In the 2009 film incarnation, Zinn narrates while the populi is voxed by celebrities like Sean Penn, Morgan Freeman, Viggo Mortenson, Bob Dylan, and Marissa Tomei, amongst numerous others. Archival footage is woven with interviews, musical performances (that unfortunately include Eddie Vedder), and dramatic readings.

The Hollywood Theater will host a screening at 7:00 April 30, followed by a Q&A session with Moore in an event that is sure to be different, though no more or less glorious, than the Hollywood’s Friday night showing of The Room.



  1. Kind of a cheap shot at Eddie Vedder. He seems like a sincere dude–and let’s not forget, Pearl Jam tried to take down Ticketmaster, no? At concerts he tells fans to read Howard Zinn–and has even said he’s a communist.

    • Come on, I’m just a lowly blogger—cheap shots are all I can afford. Haha. He does seem like a decent dude though. If only he didn’t sing…….

      • Okay, I get that. His voice/music sometimes becomes a parody of itself. Regardless, I look forward to going to this.

      • I agree. The movie looks really cool and Chris Moore is an entertaining guy.

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