Posted by: lucylightning | April 27, 2012

The Tablet of Tease Showcase: Blood, Booze, Bombshells, and Belvedere’s

by Lucy Leitner

For those who want to close out the weekend on a scholarly note, Belvedere’s—yes, that Belvedere’s, the Lawrenceville self-proclaimed “ultra dive”—is hosting such an event. At 7:00 Sunday evening, Brian Cottington will present his masters thesis: a horror movie.

And, like all the best dissertation defenses, there is a distinct possibility of nipple tassels.

Accompanied by performances by the Bridge City Bombshells, The Tablet of Tease Showcase is the rather paradoxical second premiere (there is no better way to say that) of Cottington’s Tablet of Tales, a two-part short film in the style of classic horror anthologies, such as Dr. Terror’s House of Horror, The Vault of Horror, and the 1970s incarnation of Tales from the Crypt.

Tablet of Tales from Brian Cottington on Vimeo.

A mysterious storyteller, and possible homage, Fritz (Lang?) Allister (Crowley?) Murnau (F.W.?) hangs out in a strange café where he tells two strangers about their tormented futures. The first story is that of Suzie, a college student whose dreams of performing in the theater seem to be coming true when she’s cast as Mrs. Lovett in a production of Sweeney Todd. But there’s the little problem of her odd, bookish roommate Lori. The second story deals with Jordan, a lovesick man who, like the man whore’s deepest fear, picks up a woman in a bar to find out that she is not all that she seems. The usual herpes carrier and dude come to mind, but something tells me that the twist will be a little more complex and less bro-like than that.

Aiding in the celebration of Cottington’s Chatham University MFA thesis is an array of horror-themed vendors, including Creepy Crawlies and Handmade Oddities, Brittney Werner’s Pretty Macabre Dolls, and Daggervision Films.

DJ Zombo and his magnificent Zombotron will provide the music for the evening—and possibly more entertainment if either of the Bombshells’ male performers decides to jump on the unsuspecting radio personality, as he did during a March event.

This Sunday also marks the much-anticipated debut of new Bombshell Lita D’Vargas who, along with the rest of the troupe, will appear as characters inspired by the Cottington’s short film.

So go to Belvedere’s on Sunday evening for The Tablet of Tease Showcase—it starts early enough to allow those with self-control (even when extremely cheap booze is present) to get to work on time Monday morning. And for the rest, you can say your hangover is in the name of academia.


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