Posted by: lucylightning | May 1, 2012

Hemlock Grove Comes to the South Side

by Lucy Leitner

While other South Side bars are throwing Halfway to Halloween parties, a real horror show is turning up in the most unexpected place. Villa Southside, that shiny place that actually pays for radio ads on the corner of 19th and Carson, is hosting local writer Brian McGreevy and Hostel director Eli Roth for a Q&A session about their new Netflix series Hemlock Grove that is set to film here this summer.

eli roth hostel 2

A tame scene from Hostel 2

If I were expecting to see Eli Roth anywhere in the South Side, it would certainly not be Villa, where they serve calamari and use the word “petite” on the menu. He’d have some poor coed hog-tied on one of the pool tables in the back of Walker’s Pub, using her freshly severed finger to stir a whiskey and coke. Or Red and Irene’s, where it seems perfectly natural to see a blood-spattered man in a surgical mask with a hacksaw, standing guard outside the bathroom door.

Roth, the torture porn pioneer, and Hemlock Grove author McGreevy will speak to what will surely be the oddest crowd to ever assemble at Villa on Thursday, May 17 at 7 PM. And unlike the $8 glorified mozzarella stick on the menu, this event is free. Which is awesome, particularly considering how every Frightened Zombie Number 2 from Dawn of the Dead charges upwards of $20 for an autograph.

This is cool enough to forgive Roth for paving the way for such future classics as The Human Centipede.

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