Posted by: lucylightning | May 14, 2012

Murders of the Rich and Famous in Pittsburgh?

by Lucy Leitner

Though it has nothing to do with silver bullets of a full moon, a new movie looks to be coming to Pittsburgh in the fall. Foxcatcher is set to be the tale of one of the bizarre murders committed by the heirs to the du Pont fortune. As the tale of du Pont heiress Lisa Mosely hiring her third husband to murder her junkie son’s girlfriend has already been covered as thinly veiled fiction by one of the Law & Orders, the other great du Pont killing will now be a feature film.

John du Pont was an ornithologist, publishing several books on the subject. He was an avid stamp collector and was really into mollusk shells. He founded the Delaware Museum of Natural History. He was also a sports enthusiast who sponsored USA Wrestling and turned his Newton Square farm into a training facility for Team Foxcatcher. Unfortunately, we was also paranoid, convinced that he was being spied on and that bugs were living in his skin.

David Schultz was a former Olympic gold medalist who lived and worked on the property training such athletes as Pittsburgh’s own Kurt Angle for the 1996 games when du Pont inexplicably shot him to death in his driveway.

So far Steve Carrell is attached to the complex role of birdwatcher/philatelist/crazy person/murderer. Hopefully this does not mean that Michael Scott is also attached to the complex role of birdwatcher/philatelist/crazy person/murderer. Seemingly much more appropriately, Mark Ruffalo is in negotiations to portray David Schultz and Channing Tatum to play his younger brother, also an Olympic wrestler. According to Variety, Moneyball and Capote director Bennett Miller has been developing the project for the past four years, which Hollyburgh can only hope to mean that Philip Seymour Hoffman will replace Carrell for the lead.


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