Posted by: lucylightning | May 18, 2012

Point Park Grads at Cannes

by Lucy Leitner

To complement this week’s story of Requited‘s Oscar nomination, we are pleased to report that another Point Park alumnus is making the rounds at prestigious Hollywood events. 2008 graduate of the Digital Cinema and Arts program Pasquale Greco will present his short documentary The Other Dave tonight at the Cannes Film Festival. Though it’s too late for Pittsburghers to invade France and see the film in the theater, we hope that many of yinz will raise an Ahrn City Pounder to celebrate the achievement of a one-time resident of our fair city.

In late 2011 Pasquale received a grant from San Francisco non-profit production company Real Ideas Studio to write and direct the film for the festival. Ten other filmmakers from all over the world also received the grant to create short documentaries that will be combined into a 70-minute piece entitled Other Than, to be screened at the festival.

The Other Dave is the story of David Manning and how his life and perception of reality have changed since he was struck by lightning on a golf course in 1989.

Pasquale and his crew of five—that includes fellow Point Park grads Travis Lee (co-producer and lead interviewer), Nicholas DeGrazia (lead editor), and Michael Phillips (co-producer and script supervisor)—have been working on the film since early January in New York and on location in South Carolina.

This is not Pasquale’s first experience with Real Ideas Studio or Cannes. In 2008, Real Ideas took his short film Lake Stacey to the festival where it was screened for the two-week duration. The non-profit also produced his documentary The Medium, which was filmed on the grounds at Cannes.


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