Posted by: lucylightning | May 19, 2012

Take a Shot Contest Concludes this Weekend

by Lucy Leitner

pittsburgh take a shot contestThe Steeltown Entertainment Project is busy again this weekend, awarding yet another $10,000 to local aspiring film makers. The contestants are much younger and the prizes proportionately smaller, but the winning entries are actually more complete projects than those of last weekend’s And the Winner Is… event. The Take a Shot at Changing the World Film Festival is the impressive conclusion of the competition in which middle and high school students from all over our area entered films that explored how they plan to change the world. This is a much needed concept in Pittsburgh, a city that for all its championship rings and famous faces, is often a little slow on the evolutionary front. Our parking practices, smoking laws, and obsession with running the football alone are enough to make the city seem like the municipal equivalent of the Cro-Magnon.

Amongst its many initiatives, the Steeltown Entertainment Project wants to change Pittsburgh’s attitude towards change. So, a few months ago the non-profit invited middle and high school students to write and shoot short films that invoke the spirit of Jonas Salk and other Pittsburghers who changed the world. The best entries, as voted on by a more exclusive segment of the public than that of reality show voters, will be screened at the thematically appropriate venue of the Heinz History Center tomorrow at 2 PM.

Though it is far too late for your votes to change the outcome, you can still view the entries on the Take a Shot site, or just wait until tomorrow. It’s not like the event costs anything.

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