Posted by: lucylightning | June 21, 2012

Keith Parish and Parish Digital

by Vincent Franks

A recurring image across America today is that of the freshly graduated college student, who today isn’t graduating out into the real world but instead back into their parents’ basement, disparaged and unemployed.  With the proliferation of seemingly meaningless art degrees in America, success now requires more than a piece of paper.  For Pitt graduate Keith Parish, a strong initiative and determination drove him forward against early adversities, and helped him establish himself and his production company, Parish Digital, as a part of Pittsburgh’s blossoming film industry.  Parish’s story is that of independence, of a man creating his own destiny rather than waiting for it to come to him.

Pop City North Shore Tours Video by Parish Digital

With Keith’s story, reward was earned with some risk. Coming out of college Keith decided to make the first commitment to success, putting his college savings towards purchasing professional video equipment and beginning to freelance.  By working independently, Keith has the luxury of autonomy over his projects.  In a short interview, Keith explained that with most larger video production services, a single production person is often just a cog in the machine, working on small pieces of a larger project.  While the freelancing market can be unforgiving, the ability of to dictate his work is often a priceless commodity.  The affordable technology available today makes joining a large company no longer a necessity.

Talking with Keith, I probed into the common concern of independent producers, and the bane of many new production companies: “Where will the work come from?” Keith began with contacts he made in his college days while he contacted production companies and waited for assignments to come in. Keith emphasized the fact that he rarely turned down any assignment.  Contacts are the most important tool in the entertainment industry, and with every project comes more and more connections that could end up becoming future employers. Keith also recommended that people new to the industry pursue contacts and not wait for them to call.

Keith is currently running his production company Parish Digital, producing commercials and working on a new show, The Thrill with Benmont and Kate, which premieres on the Sportman Channel on June 26.  Keith and Parish Digital ultimately hope to expand production to a larger level, with a goal of having one of their commercials entertain a spotlight on national television.  With the determination and will to go beyond competitors, the future is bright for Keith and his production company.

Visit Keith Parish and Parish Digital at


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