Posted by: lucylightning | June 24, 2012

Zombie Crawl at the Monroeville Mall

by Alex Trivilino

The Monroeville Mall has a nice history with Hollywood films.  Though most recently, it appeared in Zack and Miri Make a Porno, its legacy will always remain with the 1978 film Dawn of the Dead.  The Pittsburgh area is no stranger to the zombie films, thanks to CMU alum George A. Romero’s love of all things gory and with ‘dead’ in the title.  So, it should be no surprise that fans of both the walking dead and Pittsburgh gather each year at one of the staples of modern horror.

The Monroeville Mall hosted its annual Zombie Crawl on Sunday, June 24, which featured all sorts of dead-related activities, including the crawl itself, a zombie museum party, and a costume contest and talent pageant.  With a whole host of zombie costumes, which featured undead brides, storm troopers, cowboys, and even kids as young as seven, there was certainly no shortage of variety.  Guests in attendance came from all over the country, including Texas, Minnesota, California, and Washington DC.  With all those reported zombie attacks a few weeks back, it’s great that people were willing to face the apparent apocalypse to make it over here.

Additionally, guests of all sorts of different status levels showed up, including Sharon Ceccatti, known as the Nurse Zombie in Dawn of the Dead.  Ceccatti was originally working in the wardrobe department, which ultimately led to her now-famous role.  She’s since appeared in various other horror movies, playing nurse roles more often than not.  She’s been coming to conventions like the Monroeville event for ten years, at locations all over the world.  When asked about how they’ve stacked up against Monroeville’s, she simply stated, “Pittsburgh’s the best, hands-down.”

We have Steeler pride.  We now have Batman pride.  And there’s no prejudice regarding our pride in zombies.


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