Posted by: lucylightning | June 25, 2012

The Thrill with Benmont and Kate

by Ben Nigh

Mark you calendars for, uh, tomorrow! The Thrill with Benmont and Kate, a new series that promises to bring the big game hunting experience to your living room, is premiering on the Sportsman Channel. The show is produced, written, and edited by Pittsburgh Native Keith Parish, who formed his own production company, Parish Digital, after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh in 2007.

the thrill with benmont and kate

On the eve of the premiere of his new series, Mr. Parish was kind enough to answer some questions about The Thrill. 

What inspired you to create a show such as The Thrill?

The credit for the idea goes to the stars of the show, Benmont Locker and Katie Frey.  Ben is an experienced hunter who thoroughly enjoys “the thrill” of the hunt and his girlfriend Kate is a newcomer to the sport, learning what hunting is all about.  They work together for Ben’s dad, Todd Locker, redeveloping a hunting brand called Medalist.  The three of them originally created the idea for the show, both to live their passion for hunting and also as a way to travel the world and test their new Medalist gear in action in the field.

What can viewers expect to see and experience while watching the show? 

Ben and Kate, the two hosts of The Thrill are young, attractive, charismatic characters with a passion for the outdoors.  The viewers will get the chance to step into their lives as they travel across the country and beyond on big game hunts and experience the outdoors as they experience it.  You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to bring a brand to market, journey from the most southern fishing venues to the most northern hunting spots, and get a sneak peak industry life at the 2011 ATA and Shot Show, looking at some of the new products on the horizon from Ben and Kate’s partners.

What has been your greatest challenge in creating it? 

The entire series has been a huge challenge; there is no question.  Not only is it all of our first big, nationally airing television show but, as if that wasn’t enough of a learning curve, we are attempting to film one of the hardest things to capture, which is wild animals in mother nature with unpredictable weather and in location all across the country in Season One and as far as Africa in Season Two. 

What do you think separates your show from other hunting shows? 

We really tried to stay away from the traditional hunting show by giving it a more mainstream look.  Ben and Kate are the new generation of sportsmen, and so we target the show towards a younger, more edgy crowd.  Though most of the show is hardcore hunting, we also include some reality segments around the development of their brand into episodes, which are both educational and often humorous.

What do you intend to do for your next project? 

Season TWO!

Bring it on Keith, bring it on.

Don’t forget that the series premieres tomorrow at 2:30 PM EDT on the Sportsman Channel. You can also catch it at 8:00 AM EDT on Wednesdays and 1:20 PM EDT on Saturdays.

For more information on Keith Parish and Parish Digital, check out a recent Hollyburgh post by Vincent Franks.


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