Posted by: lucylightning | July 13, 2012

Steel City Secret Cinema

by Lucy Leitner

In what will likely be the least informative post in Hollyburgh history, we will now attempt to tell you about the upcoming Steel City Secret Cinema, an event that we are allowed to know very little about. But we can divulge that it is well suited to those sick of the predictability of current cinema, tired of being forced to purchase and wear 3-D glasses against your will, and want a trip to the movies to be an event in and of itself.

We cannot tell you about the movie that will be screened at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont on Thursday, October 25. That seemingly pertinent fact will only be divulged after the doors open at 7 PM.

Though the enigma is the event’s appeal, there are some things that we do know:

  • The movie to be screened is a cult film significant to Western Pennsylvania
  • Artist Brian Holderman will provide his rendition of the movie’s posters
  • Other local artists will be displaying works inspired by the film
  • DJ duo Tracksploitation will provide pre-screening entertainment
  • Hors d’oeuvres will be served
  • You will leave with souvenirs

Adding more uncertainty to the evening, your ticket enters you in a raffle in which you may or may not win books, DVDs, local art, and signed merchandise.

Though you run the risk of watching Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh on a large screen, the $22 gamble seems like a far safer bet than buying anything on Craig’s List. And a portion of the proceeds benefit Friends of the Hollywood Theater, which is essential to keep colorful events like this in Pittsburgh.

Steel City Secret Cinema provides the perfect amount of adventure for those cinephiles that rarely embark on them. It’s about as risky an investment as a lottery ticket, but with far less chance of annoying people in line at a convenience store.

Tickets for the fall event go on sale Friday, July 20 through Show Clix. Like all the best mysteries, more information will be divulged at strategic times leading up to the screning. Those with inquisitive minds can follow Steel City Secret Cinema on Twitter and Facebook, as well at


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