Posted by: lucylightning | July 17, 2012

Gallery Crawl in the Cultural District—Summer 2012 Edition

by Alex Trivilino

On Friday, July 13, Pittsburgh’s Culture District featured another illustrious Gallery Crawls.  The premise, not unlike a pub crawl, features 33 differing art venues, as well as live music, outdoor markets, food, drinks, art, and smaller attractions, such as a shop that fixes robots and ice cream parlors that sponsor dreams.  Even solely attending those two shops would make for a pretty awesome night.  Let’s take a look at some of our favorites…

Not unlike that plot device in The Dark Knight that let cell phones become sonar devices all over Gotham City, enter Cell Phone Disco, a collection of lights that respond to cell phone activity.  From afar, it’s a dazzling display of lights that bounce around.  Up closer, one will see that said dazzling lights are moving around based on how people use their phones.  The more calls, the more lights.

Wood Street Galleries featured “Light, Matter, Memory”—installations by Nicky Assmann, Diane Landry, Macular, and Yorko Seyama.  The exhibits included spinning cylinders that can hypnotize viewers by means of their flickering lights, and giant pulley systems that create sheets of bubbles that can hypnotize viewers because bubbles are really cool.

Shaw Galleries housed David Trautrimas exhibit “When Worlds Collide” that incorporated digital assemblage art to create faux-Cold War era secret spy fortresses. Breathtaking.

Path, an installation by Elin Hansdóttir, is an Icelandic maze-like space that’s so dark, you’ll only see black-and-white.  You may also think you’re blind.  Fans of House of Leaves, this is for you.

And you have reached the obligatory plug for Meat & Potatoes. This great, fairly new restaurant that has fantastic pulled pork sandwiches.  Go there. It also serves poutine, the popular French-Canadian dish consisting of French fries, cheese curd, and gravy. Yes, it sounds again like our northern neighbors are up to something odd, but Marc-Andre Fleury loves the Cultural District restaurant’s rendition.

And finally, we have scattered venues from Project Pop Up: Downtown, which feature limited engagement initiatives to bring new energy and creativity to downtown Pittsburgh.  That’s where places like the Robot Repairs and Dream Ice Cream came from, alongside an awesome independent bookstore aptly named Awesome Books, and a performing gallery known as the Society for the Advancement of Miniature Curiosa came from.

The recurring downtown gallery crawls are a pretty great way to see all kinds of impressive art, as well as learn about some pretty awesome projects and initiatives in the city, such as Bricolage’s upcoming interactive theatre production Strata.  The next Gallery Crawl will occur on September 28, so be sure to come downtown and be inspired!

Or try poutine.

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