Posted by: lucylightning | September 7, 2012

Yet Another Movie Coming to Pittsburgh

by Lucy Leitner

Word has come out of the Toronto Film Festival that Emmett/Furla Films has acquired the rights to Fair Trade, an adaptation of Serbian film The Trap. While Hollyburgh admits to knowing nothing of the production company and even less of Serbia, this news is significant because reports indicate that the movie will be shooting in Pittsburgh next summer.

Ericson Core, director of photography for such films as Invincible and The Fast and the Furious, is slated to direct the script that was penned by Matt Aldrich.

The film is about an unlucky and overeducated limo driver who becomes a hit-man to pay for his son’s surgery. Fair Trade is a possible vehicle for Liam Neeson, who has apparently moved from his mentoring phase (The Phantom Menace, Batman Begins, and even his cameo in Pittsburgh-shot The Next Three Days) to a killing lots of people phase (Taken, Taken 2). No word yet on a continuation of his God phase.

This action movie that deals with the unwitting limo driver’s assignment to kill a mobster could make Pittsburgh a fantastic backdrop for extremely confusing car chases.

Let’s hope this pans out.

An aside: At press time (6:39 PM Friday, September 7), it does not appear that any local news outlets have this story.


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