Posted by: lucylightning | December 31, 2012

The “Take a Shot Contest” Returns

by Lucy Leitner

We all know by now the many ways in which Pittsburgh has changed the world. From the spectacular of Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine to pop culture staples Rosie the Riveter and the Mr. Yuck sticker to the tasty Big Mac and banana split, Pittsburgh has long been a breeding ground for innovation. Now the Steeltown Entertainment Project asks Generation Z to add their ideas in the return of the annual Take a Shot at Changing the World Contest.

This year’s contest has a more overtly populist theme. The January 19th kick-off event will feature a screening of The People Speak, the documentary based on Howard Zinn’s book that features some of Hollywood’s biggest names reading letters written by the lesser known that changed history. Steeltown has also announced a new partnership with Voices of a People’s History, a Zinn-founded non-profit that brings to life the stories of ordinary people that brought about extraordinary change. The goal of the contest is to engage a new generation to be active in bettering their communities and, by extension, the world.

This year’s categories include:

  • The People Speak
  • Pittsburgh Innovation
  • Polio: Then and Now

Open to students in grades 6–12, the contest is for dreamers, children whose idealism has not yet been soured by fiscal cliffs and bad portmanteaus that describe even worse natural disasters. But the competition is not just about the vision — it’s about making a movie that shows it. In that manner, Take a Shot not only encourages visionary thinking but the ability to depict it in an artistic medium.

Check out the kick-off at the Heinz History Center at 2 PM January 19.

Learn more about the contest at the Take a Shot website:

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